Hello I'm Lottie

I create stained glass art here in the UK!
Let me share a bit about my journey with you—it's been quite a rollercoaster!

After years of studying animation I finally got my first job in the industry. Then in 2019, life took an unexpected turn with my brother's sudden passing. I fell into a deep depression, it was a tough time. My creative spark dimmed and everything felt so uncertain.

I was unable to function let alone work for months, almost a year in total!

But, oh, how life works in mysterious ways! Saved by TikTok, of all things. I got lost in the world of other glass artists, and found comfort and escape from the harsh reality.

Probably not the best decision for an unemployed 20 something living off saving, but I spent every last penny I had on the equipment. What began as a therapeutic hobby during my darkest days soon blossomed into something extraordinary—

Thank you for being a part of my journey✨